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The Gladiator


Warrior -> Sword Master -> Gladiator


Evasion Slash

Syarat: Level 45, Infinity Edge Level 1
Starting Stat: Physical Attack 245.4% + 760
Spin backward, evade the enemy attack, and attack the enemy in front. This can be triggered with the Jump Key in any attack motion.

Triple Slash EX

Syarat: Level 47, Triple Slash Level 11

Strengthens Triple Slash skill so that the Regular Attack Button will be disregarded and Special Attack Button will be used instead to charge up the combo attack during the skill.

Finish Attack

Syarat: Level 50, Evasion Slash Level 1
Starting Stat: Physical Attack350.2%+2584

Have enemy on the ground with low attack and deals strong finish attack. When enemy’s HP is below 40%,for every 1% of HP past this point, an extra 2% of damage is dealt.

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