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Preview Skill 60 Academic

Hm… hanya penambahan 1 skill saja kah sampai level 60?

Alfredo Stomp EX
– Strengthen Alfreod Stomp. Increase AOE and create additional shockwave, which deal additional damage and knockdown targets. Shockwave deal additional x% of damage.

Mecha Shock EX
– Strengthen Mecha Shock. Increase AOE and provoke the target to attack mecha duck for a certain duration. Damage increase x%.

Ice Punch EX
– Strengthen Ice Punch. Slightly increase AOE. Pressing “special attack” button once more after casting the ice punch to deal an additional hit and knockback the target. Deal additional x% dmg.

Disease EX
– Strengthen Disease. Increase the number of projectile to x. Increase the damage received by infected target within a certain duration. Each projectile deal additional y% of damage. When the target is attacked, additional z% damage is dealt to the target within w second.

source: http://dn.mmosite.com

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