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Preview skill 60 Archer

Nah lo, makin bingung kan mau naikin skill apa…

Aerial Chain Shot EX
– Strengthen Aerial Chain Shot. Each arrow will deal explosive damage when it hit the ground. While casting, press “Special Attack” button to spin and shoot additional 8 arows simultanenously. Each additional arrows deal x% of the normal arrow damage.

Rapid Shot EX
– Strengthen Rapid Shot. Casting motion change. Summon x arrows and the caster can move immediately. The summoned arrow will be shot in the frontal direction a while later, and deal continous explosive damage. After x hits , the damage will be reduced to y%.

Binding Shot EX
– Strengthen Binding Shot. Increase left and right AOE. Improve Superarmor Break. The target being pulled will received additional physical damage of x% for y sec.

Eagle Dive EX
– Strengthen Eagle Dive. Increase AOE, the induced whirlwind can blow enemy away. Improve Superarmor Break. Damage increase x%. Pressing “Special Attack” button after this skill will trigger Double Sommersault Kick.

source: http://dn.mmosite.com

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