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Preview skill 60 Cleric


Di cek dulu gan skillnya biar nanti ga nyesel buildnya biar pas update patch level 60.

Healing Relic EX
– Strengthen Healing Relic. Increase the healing AOE to x m. While healing, the damage taken by the caster is reduced by y % for z sec.

Mind Snapper EX
– Strengthen Mind Snapper. Range extended, AOE increase. Final hit will induce explosive damage. Full hits damage increase x%. Stun chance increase by y%.

Sacred Hammering EX
– Strengthen Sacred Hammering. Instead of just hitting enemy in close range, the hammer can be thrown and deal ranged damage. Range x m. Damage increase y %.

Stance of Faith EX ( =.= )
– Strengthen Stance of Faith. Under stance of faith, the caster can move slowly. Also increase the magical damage received by surrounding enemies.

Source: dn.mmosite.com

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