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Preview Skill 60 Sorceress

Inferno EX
– Strengthen Inferno. Significantly increase the left and right AOE. Increase the ranged to x m. The last hit will reduce target’s fire defence by y% for z sec. Damage increase w%.

Ice Cold Field EX
– Strengthen Ice Cold Field. Significantly increase the AOE. The targets which are hit by the center of the skill will have additional x sec of freeze effect. Damage increase y%.

9 Tail Laser EX (woot! no stupid force shield EX yay!)
– Strengthen 9 Tail Laser. Additional core lasers which are travelling in the centre. Smaller laser will have explosive AOE. Core lasers damage increase x%.

Triple Orbs Ex
– Strengthen Microhole. Increase AOE and able to knock down target. Final hit will induce large scale explosion and deal large AOE damage. Full hits damage increase x%.

source: http://dn.mmosite.com

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