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Preview skill 60 Warrior

Mari kita liat skill EX warrior yang berikutnya….

Cyclone Slash EX
– Strengthen Cyclone Slash. Increase the size and the duration of the cyclone. The cyclone has additional suction effect. Full hits damage increase x%.

Deep Straight EX
– Strengthen Deep Straight. Increase the time for invincible frame (backward motion) and the charge frontal distance. During the backward motion, press “Normal Attack” button to trigger the frontal charge attack at any time. While charging forward or after finish charging forward, press “Normal Attack” again to trigger an additional hit. If “Special Attack” button is pressed instead to trigger the additional hit, the enemy will be knock back. “Aerial Combo” can be activated in sequence to this skill if the additional hits is triggered by “Special Attack” button. Full hits damage increase x%.

Demolition Fist EX
– Strengthen Demotion Fist. Additional stomp effect after hit to deal x% additional damage. Stun chance increase y%.

Punishing Swing EX
– Strengthen Punishing Swing. Throw a stronger bomb. Deal additonal x% of damage. Increase explosion AOE and create fire pillars to knock back targets.

source: http://dn.mmosite.com

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