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Lokasi Fishing

For Bland Seafood Broth 

Fish Needed:

Foothills Crucian = Location >> District 1
Mountain Stream Fish = Location >> District 2
Saw Tooth Croaker = Location >> District 3
Yellowtail Fish Sweet Fish = Location >> District 4
Red Bass = Location >> District 3

For Creamy Seafood Broth

Fish Needed:

Large PeaSalmon = Location >> District 1
Net Herring = Location >> District 2
Big Scale Sweet Fish = Location >> District 3
Spotted Carp = Location >> District 4
Angler Shakehead = Location >> District 4

For Salty Seafood Broth

Fish Needed:

Calderock Trout = Location >> District 1
Maroon’s Coil = Location >> District 2
Lake Smelt = Location >> District 3
Red Sword Tail Carp = Location >> District 4 
Stripe Crucian = Location >> District 1

For Tasty Seafood Broth

Fish Needed:

Rockstone Clear Fish = Location >> District 1
Valley Grouper = Location >> District 2
Rock Whitebait = Location >> District 3
Calderock Goldfish = Location >> District 4
Blue Scale Bass = Location >> District 2

Those are the Fish needed and their Location
happy Fishing ^_^

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Title Dejected

Berikut Title Tersembunyi untuk dapatkan Dejected:

Lord of Madness – Cerberus Nest – Defeat Cerberus Kakari

Overlord – Manticore Nest – Clear all Manticore Nest achievements

Endless Challenge – Cerberus Nest Hell Mode – Clear with none of the four dying.

Beautiful – Manticore Nest Hell Mode – Clear with none of the four dying.

One who governs the light – Apocalypse Nest – Clear all Apocalypse Nest achievements

Cow Herding Master – Minotaur’s Nest – Clear all Minotaur’s Nest achievements

Judge – Apocalypse Nest Hell Mode – Defeat Judge Apocalypse

Guardian – Sea Dragon Nest – Defeat Sea Dragon Serpentra

These are the stats bonus of Dejected Title
STR + 45
AGI + 45
INT + 40
VIT + 35
Attack Power + 60
Magic Attack + 60
Final Damage + 10

Hope this’ll help

Nah sebelumnya pada bingung liat bahasa mandarin.. bisa cek skill kalkulator dari dn armory dalam bahasa inggris.. Linknya di bawah kan

Hm… hanya penambahan 1 skill saja kah sampai level 60?

Alfredo Stomp EX
– Strengthen Alfreod Stomp. Increase AOE and create additional shockwave, which deal additional damage and knockdown targets. Shockwave deal additional x% of damage.

Mecha Shock EX
– Strengthen Mecha Shock. Increase AOE and provoke the target to attack mecha duck for a certain duration. Damage increase x%.

Ice Punch EX
– Strengthen Ice Punch. Slightly increase AOE. Pressing “special attack” button once more after casting the ice punch to deal an additional hit and knockback the target. Deal additional x% dmg.

Disease EX
– Strengthen Disease. Increase the number of projectile to x. Increase the damage received by infected target within a certain duration. Each projectile deal additional y% of damage. When the target is attacked, additional z% damage is dealt to the target within w second.

source: http://dn.mmosite.com

Inferno EX
– Strengthen Inferno. Significantly increase the left and right AOE. Increase the ranged to x m. The last hit will reduce target’s fire defence by y% for z sec. Damage increase w%.

Ice Cold Field EX
– Strengthen Ice Cold Field. Significantly increase the AOE. The targets which are hit by the center of the skill will have additional x sec of freeze effect. Damage increase y%.

9 Tail Laser EX (woot! no stupid force shield EX yay!)
– Strengthen 9 Tail Laser. Additional core lasers which are travelling in the centre. Smaller laser will have explosive AOE. Core lasers damage increase x%.

Triple Orbs Ex
– Strengthen Microhole. Increase AOE and able to knock down target. Final hit will induce large scale explosion and deal large AOE damage. Full hits damage increase x%.

source: http://dn.mmosite.com

Nah lo, makin bingung kan mau naikin skill apa…

Aerial Chain Shot EX
– Strengthen Aerial Chain Shot. Each arrow will deal explosive damage when it hit the ground. While casting, press “Special Attack” button to spin and shoot additional 8 arows simultanenously. Each additional arrows deal x% of the normal arrow damage.

Rapid Shot EX
– Strengthen Rapid Shot. Casting motion change. Summon x arrows and the caster can move immediately. The summoned arrow will be shot in the frontal direction a while later, and deal continous explosive damage. After x hits , the damage will be reduced to y%.

Binding Shot EX
– Strengthen Binding Shot. Increase left and right AOE. Improve Superarmor Break. The target being pulled will received additional physical damage of x% for y sec.

Eagle Dive EX
– Strengthen Eagle Dive. Increase AOE, the induced whirlwind can blow enemy away. Improve Superarmor Break. Damage increase x%. Pressing “Special Attack” button after this skill will trigger Double Sommersault Kick.

source: http://dn.mmosite.com

Mari kita liat skill EX warrior yang berikutnya….

Cyclone Slash EX
– Strengthen Cyclone Slash. Increase the size and the duration of the cyclone. The cyclone has additional suction effect. Full hits damage increase x%.

Deep Straight EX
– Strengthen Deep Straight. Increase the time for invincible frame (backward motion) and the charge frontal distance. During the backward motion, press “Normal Attack” button to trigger the frontal charge attack at any time. While charging forward or after finish charging forward, press “Normal Attack” again to trigger an additional hit. If “Special Attack” button is pressed instead to trigger the additional hit, the enemy will be knock back. “Aerial Combo” can be activated in sequence to this skill if the additional hits is triggered by “Special Attack” button. Full hits damage increase x%.

Demolition Fist EX
– Strengthen Demotion Fist. Additional stomp effect after hit to deal x% additional damage. Stun chance increase y%.

Punishing Swing EX
– Strengthen Punishing Swing. Throw a stronger bomb. Deal additonal x% of damage. Increase explosion AOE and create fire pillars to knock back targets.

source: http://dn.mmosite.com


Di cek dulu gan skillnya biar nanti ga nyesel buildnya biar pas update patch level 60.

Healing Relic EX
– Strengthen Healing Relic. Increase the healing AOE to x m. While healing, the damage taken by the caster is reduced by y % for z sec.

Mind Snapper EX
– Strengthen Mind Snapper. Range extended, AOE increase. Final hit will induce explosive damage. Full hits damage increase x%. Stun chance increase by y%.

Sacred Hammering EX
– Strengthen Sacred Hammering. Instead of just hitting enemy in close range, the hammer can be thrown and deal ranged damage. Range x m. Damage increase y %.

Stance of Faith EX ( =.= )
– Strengthen Stance of Faith. Under stance of faith, the caster can move slowly. Also increase the magical damage received by surrounding enemies.

Source: dn.mmosite.com

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